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Casino Affiliate : Money Master Blog
James Bond's Casino Royale and the US Poker Crisis- I caught the new James Bond flick, Casino Royale, the other night and had a little revelation: Terrorists do not hang around poker tables, waiting to terrorize us with a bad beat. Real terror-fighters fight actual terrorists, not the guys on my buddy list.

The Great Gambling Conspiracy of the US Government- As I said before not everything that's legal is in fact legal and vice versa. It's all a question of timing. But when it comes to conspiracy, now that's just nasty no matter on which side of the fence you are. Here's my POV on what's going on right now in the world of online gambling

David Carruthers and the War on Online Gambling- The war of online casinos legislation is the war for our money.Once upon a time when I was young the world was divided to Good Goys and Bad Guys, and the Good Guys used top draw a little faster.

The Truth about Casino Rewards- For years I have been striving to discover the truth about different affiliate programs. The affiliate reps would always praise and exalt their sites, guaranteeing that with them you'd be making millions. The affiliate partners tell you they are making money since some are just plain embarrassed to tell the truth, and others consider $1,000 per month a genuine bonanza. It's time to come clean about affiliate partnerships.

Affiliates Fight because They’re Right- As an affiliate I find myself time and again facing affiliate managers who accuse me, not unlike my third grade teacher, of not trying hard enough. But I know that their data is anything but true. How can you be sure the casino isn’t swindling you? Why, the statistics of course!

No Existence without Search Engines- The secret is out- search engines are the economic foundation of hundred of thousands of businesses in the world today, to say nothing of casino webmasters. Since the traffic in our field is the most expensive one, no one with half a mind will sell you his own traffic. Therefore PPC search engines are better off using real traffic to deliver visitors as affiliate partners rather than sell it to you

Do Casinos Rip Off Their Affiliates ???- Ever since I remember myself (I was born again when I first heard the words "casino affiliate") I have been pondering whether casinos rip us off - Could they vaporize our clients into thin air? Would they intentionally damage our income? Well, YES. Loud and clear.

Casino SEO Magic- Today I'm not going to tell you anything you didn't already know. It's common knowledge that to get rich you better be working your Search Engine Optimization like crazy, and using your focused traffic to generate beautiful revenue

Don't Buy Them Media- One of the most worrying phenomena in the affiliate business is the affiliate sucker – the poor schmuck who purchases media for casinos out of his own pocket in hopes to see this money tripled some day. What makes him such an idiot? The plain fact that the casino is loaded while the average affiliate partner isn't…

Roaring Giants, Evil Bullies- In the last months the power balance between prominent casinos has changed; while some companies are turning more and more aggressive marketing wise and therefore more central, other major players are making their first steps back on their way to vanish from history. So why should we care when the giants rumble? the problem is that the aggressiveness of these companies hurt us webmasters in many different ways

Look Under the Lamppost…- It seems that every couple of weeks a different gaming company offers me a new and innovative gambling product that's going to revolutionize online betting forever. I always have the same dilemma – should I allow myself to get carried away by the excitement of the marketing managers of this new development or should I stick with what I know?

When Casinos Delete Your Database- Nothing could be more tragic (well maybe some things) than waking up one morning to discover that out of dozens of deposits you delivered to a certain casino, absolutely everything disappeared without leaving any records.

Being an Affiliate- For several years now I am managing and marketing a number of gambling sites and have been an affiliate partner of the many prominent gaming websites. Throughout this period, despite of my capabilities, as online casinos became larger, their employees were making smaller salaries, and the affiliate partners’ share stayed pretty much the same.

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