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How to Play Video Slots

Online Casino : How to Play Video Slots
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Slot machines that have more than one payline are called multi-line slots or Video Slots. In these slot games you can make multiple wagers in a single spin by placing separate bets on the different paylines.

Currently many online casinos feature 8-line slots, 9-line slots, 15-line slots and more. The basic concept is the same as regular 1-line slots: every spin is round on which you bet, and at the end of the spin if your lines show winning combinations, you get your win.

Video Slots are becoming more and more popular than classic slots since they usually include bonus features such as win multipliers, wild cards, scatter pay symbols, bonus rounds, and special mini-game screens within the slot games. In most cases you need to play Bet Max to be eligible for the progressive jackpot or other bonuses (it's usually mentioned on the machine).

You can change your wager before every new spin or you can set it once and keep it by hitting Spin or Play again at the end of the spin.

How to place your bet?
1. First select your coin denomination by clicking on it.

2. Place your bets on the lines you want.

3. Click Spin or Play

You can place a bet on specific line by clicking the corresponding buttons:
In an 8-line slot you will see 3 buttons on top for the vertical paylines, 3 buttons on the left from the horizontal paylines, and two buttons on the top and bottom left corners for the diagonals.

In a 9-line slot or 25-line slot all the buttons are located on the left side of the slot and lines aren't straight but zig-zagged.

To wager on a specific line click on the corresponding button. One click will place a bet of 1 coins, 2 clicks will place a bet of 2 coins and so on until you reach the max bet of the machine (usually 5 coins). An additional click beyond the max bet will turn off the payline, and then you can start again from 1 coin.

You can also bet on all the lines at once.

To place 1 coin on each line click on Bet 1 or 1 Per Line and the on Spin or Play.
To place 2 coins on each line click on Bet 2 or 2 Per Line and the on Spin or Play.
The same goes for Bet 3 and Bet 4 up to the maximum bet of the machine.

To play the maximum bet (and be eligible for the progressive jackpot) hit Max Bet and the game will start spinning automatically.

When the spin is over you'll see if you won and how much.

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