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The Truth about Casino Rewards

Casino Affiliate : The Truth about Casino Rewards
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For years I have been striving to discover the truth about different affiliate programs. The affiliate reps would always praise and exalt their sites, guaranteeing that with them you'd be making millions. The affiliate partners tell you they are making money since some are just plain embarrassed to tell the truth, and others consider $1,000 per month a genuine bonanza.

The affiliate portals and forums are not necessarily the oracles some of them are thought to be, simply because casinos and large programs throw loads of money on problematic posts that are magically removed for a quiet reward.

Sure, I understand these sites are conflicted: report the truth or make a living? But at the end of the day, we affiliate partners can't find real, dry truths about the programs. Occasionally you may come across discussions, but it's all about walking on eggshells and not pissing off sponsors.

I keep in touch with affiliate managers I work with, but never got too chummy with most of them. There are of course exceptions - those happy few that know marketing, a drop in a sea of visionless clerks stuck in the system's rut and rot. In fact I quite dislike the most of the managers lot, and I have a good guess about their professional future in online gaming (hint: fired in 3 years and try becoming an affiliate to discover they can't make a living of it. Most will forgo the experience in advance).

Anyway, having collected info for over 5 years of action I know pretty much about every program's benefits, foibles, and nasty tricks. And guys, believe me that the spread between your revenue and your actual performance will get you so mad, your cardiologist will be able to buy that boat he always wanted.

So the first participant in our little circle of truth will be Casino Rewards. Personally I've been making money off them for several years and that's the only program that has been paying almost every single month. The lowest I got was about $200, and the max was several thousands.

What's special about Casino Rewards is that it's the best converting program – visitors do become players. They get much heavier traffic than other companies I promote. They know how to retain a player and get decent sums in the process!

However, Rewards has its dramatic faults that have stopped me from taking this partnership forward. First of all, in the first two years I never spoke with any rep, and I had a really hard time getting help from their support. So for me this program is on auto-pilot. I launch their promos and forget about it. If it hits, it hits. And so far it does, touch wood…

The second, stroke-causing defect they have is a lovely phenomenon called database erasing. About once a year, when our database's tummy is all happy and loaded with months-full of money-making players, someone shoves a finger down its throat. As a result of this forced diet we lose all income, and start up from scratch.

Try as you might to confront the company about this, you've been booked a one way cruise on the Nile. They offer absolutely no explanation as to how come in a single day all my players disappeared. The last time it happened because the company changed the program's interface. Pleasure doing business with Casino Rewards.

Since it wasn't the first nor the second time it happened with them, I conclude that it's a system. And that's why I'll never do more for them beyond launch and forget. I do not and will not harness my potential to invest in our partnership. We get what we get, and if we doesn't, tough. But I lost interest in this company. So as promised here is the truth about this program: keep it since they do convert, but don't work too hard for them.

Money Master

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