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The Great Gambling Conspiracy of the US Government

Casino Affiliate : The Great Gambling Conspiracy of the US Government
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As I said before not everything that's legal is in fact legal and vice versa. It's all a question of timing.

But when it comes to conspiracy, now that's just nasty no matter on which side of the fence you are.

Here's my POV on what's going on right now in the world of online gambling – the largest conspiracy of the century (or its first decade at least).

Like every summer the intense heat costs me my wits, and thru July and August I minimize my cerebral functions to the lowest level required to maintain the hand-eye synchronization that provides cool beer from my mug to my mouth. The hand that holds my cigarette between gulps I can't control for two months now, so I can't help that my filter got wet.

But thank God September is here again, the temperature drops and it's time to put my skull to better uses.

In short, after the arrest of David Carruthers from BetOnSports and Peter Dicks from Sportingbet the American government issued obscure warnings for stockholders and high execs from the online gaming industry. Naturally, the major shares in this field dropped like a 1 tone weight, including Party Gaming, 888, and Playtech's share, but now they are getting better.

Allow me to pop the question – how come the American government threatens an entire industry that is legally operated in one or several states by threatening respected companies and individuals? (need I remind you that these are publicly traded companies, and not a few hustlers running an operation from their Mama's joint?)

My answer: complete and utter stupidity, and then some!

The first demonstration of stupidity came from the conservatives and their pals who were concerned that the online business will hurt the traditional industry in Vegas and Atlantic City. Of course their concerns were the opposite of truth. The traditional gambling venues earn massive exposure and the clientele potential only grew. In addition, pure gaming revenue is not what Las Vegas lives on exclusively – there's entertainment, party scene, and more.

Now, what's the "then some"?

If these companies are already publicly traded, and the UK allows gambling companies to run their business from within the country, than America lost billions of dollars in stock issuing and the likes. I strongly believe that by the end of the decade it might have come to 70-100 billion per year. And of course gambling revenue would only increase the total revenue to be rolled on the web.

Now chocked-on-pretzel's buddies are trying to save the situation, after the US lost the previous issues. On the other hand they can't turn online gaming from crime to legit in 2 seconds since that would make the administration seem ridiculous (though they should be used to it by now). So now they're stressing the companies to bring down the industry only to have it reissued in the American stock market.

However, these stocks are more solid than they thought and this proves us two things. First it reflects the lucrativeness of this field. Managers come and go and stock has a life of its own. Second, the investors from around the world aren't that bothered by the American government and these reforms, which demonstrates confidence that this business will only get better.

The next two years will probably not be easy – right now the tidal wave is on the go and those who'll make a stand will be crashed and drowned. It should finish it course first.

And you the webmaster wandering why the hell you should care about stock market conspiracies, know that you are in the only field in the world where you can strike gold without getting your hands dirty. Today you have a 10 pages HTML site and tomorrow you're an online gaming mogul. But whatever you do – don't spend your next vacation in Louisiana.

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