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Slots Bonus Features

Online Casino : Slots Bonus Features
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Online slots machines and video slots nowadays offer a variety of bonus features that increase players' wins. Payouts and rules can vary from casino to casino and from slot to slot, but in general these are the most popular bonus features on online slots.

Progressive Jackpot
Progressive jackpot slots are usually several slots that share a jackpot that accumulates the wagers, and the player who hits the Jackpot combination takes all the money. In most cases you must play Max Bet to be eligible for the progressive jackpot in case of hitting the combination.

Wild Symbol
Wild symbols acts as a wild card, a joker, that can replace other symbols in order to create a winning combination and win the line. In many casinos getting a certain number of wild symbols at once will earn you a very large payout.

Multipliers are symbols that multiply a certain winning combination. X2 or X3 or X5, depends on the machine.

Scatter Pay
Scatter Pay symbols are a type of multipliers. If you get several scatter pay symbols in one round your win is multiplied according to the payout table.

Bonus Rounds
Some slots have a Bonus Round feature that gives you a certain number of free rounds, where you don't pay for the bet but you do keep the winnings.

Bonus Game
Bonus games are mini-games based on the main theme of the slot that you can enter when hitting the bonus game symbols. The bonus games are usually based on guessing where the bonus points hide, betting on the winner in a race, spinning a wheel and the like. While playing you accumulate credits or multipliers, depends on the game.

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