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How to Play Pai Gow

Online Casino : How to Play Pai Gow
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Pai Gow Poker is played against the dealer. The object of the game is two create two winning hands out of 7 cards.

Course of the Game
- First the player places a wager on the table.

- The dealer gives the player 7 open cards and takes for himself 7 cards that remain face-down.

- The player needs to sort his 7 cards into 2 hands: a regular hand of 5 cards and a pair of cards. The 5-cards hand is valued as in poker. Note that the 2-cards hand can't be of higher value than the 5-cards hand.

- Once the player has finished sorting, he clicks the Split button to split the hands.

- Now the dealer opens and splits his 7 cards.

- The 5-cards hands are compared and then the 2-cards hands are compared. The highest hand wins.

Pai Gow Poker

* If the player beats the dealer's both hands the player is paid 1:1 minus a 5% commission.

* If the player wins with one hand but loses with the other, the round is a push.

* If the player loses both hands, the bet is lost.

* If both hands of the player match both hands of the dealer, the tie goes to the dealer.

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