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Omaha Poker and Omaha High-Low

Online Poker : Omaha Poker and Omaha High-Low
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Omaha Poker resembles Texas Hold'em Poker since each hand is also played with community cards in 4 betting rounds. However, the main difference is in Omaha Poker each player gets 4 'hole' or 'pocket' cards, and players must create their 5 card hand out of 2 hole cards and 3 community cards. Omaha can be played by 2-10 players. The player who creates the strongest poker hand using 2 hole cards and 3 community cards wins.

Omaha High-Low
Omaha High-Low (also called Omaha Hi-Lo or Hi/Lo) is very similar to Omaha except that the pot is split between the strongest hand and the lowest hand.
A low hand contains five different cards lower than or equal to 8. Ace counts as the lowest card. (Note that a low straight or flush does not count toward a low hand).

Game Options
Players can choose between the following actions during betting rounds:
Bet - make a wager and add it to the pot
Call - match a bet previously made by another player
Raise - increase the amount wagered (according to the last bet that was placed). A player can raise up to 3 times during a betting round.
Check - pass the turn to the next player, but stay in the game
Fold - drop out of the hand that is currently played

Dealer Button and Order of Betting
Instead of an actual dealer, in online games a 'Dealer' button is placed next to a player who is considered the dealer for the current hand. The first person to sit at the table is the first dealer and the Dealer button moves clockwise to next active player at the beginning of a new hand.
The location of the Dealer button determines the order of betting: the first player on the left of the Dealer button is always the first one to act, and betting continues in a clockwise rotation.

Blinds are bets placed by the 2 players sitting on the "Dealer's" left before the hole cards are dealt, in order to put some money in the pot.
The player closer to the dealer's left places the Small Blind - half the minimum bet. The next player left places the Big Blind - the minimum bet.
For example: when playing at a $2/$4 table the small blind is $1 and the big blind is $2.
Blinds are real bets that can be checked, called, raised, or folded.

1st Round - Pre Flop
After placing the blinds each player is dealt 4 hole cards (also called pocket cards) only she or he can see and the first betting round starts.
The first round starts with the player sitting left to the Big Blind (third player on dealer's left), the following round will start with the first player to the dealer's left.
The first player can Call, Raise, or Fold.
The betting continues clockwise around the table until all players have called or folded. Then all bets are added to the total pot and the next round starts.

2nd Round - The Flop
In the Flop 3 community cards are dealt.
The second betting round starts with the first active player to the Dealer's left. Players can Check, Raise, Call, or Fold.

3rd Round - The Turn
Now the 4th out 5 community cards is dealt, followed by a third betting round.

4th and Final Round - The River
The last community card is dealt and last betting round starts.
If more than one player lasted to this round the cards are revealed and compared. When playing Omaha the player holding the stronger hand wins. When playing Omaha High-Low the pot is split between the strongest and the lowest hand.

Buy-Ins and Limits
Buy-In is the minimum amount required to join a table.
Limit Poker - Limits determine the amounts of the blind bets as well as bets and raises. Limits are specified like this: $2/$4 or $10/$20 for example, when the low number marks the minimum limit and the high number marks the maximum limit.
Pot Limit Poker - Players can wager only on the sum of the pot.
No Limit Poker - there are no limits on bets, and any player can bet on all of his or her chips at any time.

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