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Online Casino : Casino Games Guide
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How to Play Classic Slot Games- Slot machines are based on spinning reels that produce random combinations of symbols that some of them result in a win.

How to Play Video Slots- Slot machines that have more than one payline are called multi-line slots or Video Slots. In these slot games you can make multiple wagers in a single spin by placing separate bets on the different paylines.

Slots Bonus Features- Online slots machines and video slots nowadays offer a variety of bonus features that increase players' wins. Payouts and rules can vary from casino to casino and from slot to slot, but in general these are the most popular bonus features on online slots.

3 Card Poker- 3 Card Poker is played with a 3-card hand. You can play two separate games by placing two different bets ? a PairPlus bet and an Ante and Play bet.

How to Play Video Poker- Video Poker is a fast, fun, and profitable poker game for one.

How to Play Pai Gow- Pai Gow Poker is played against the dealer. The object of the game is two create two winning hands out of 7 cards.

How to Play Let It Ride- Let It Ride is also called Ride On Poker at several casinos. The game is based on a gamble that the 3 cards the player receives at the beginning of a round will turn out as a winning 5-card poker hand.

How to Play Red Dog- Red Dog is a game of three cards based on a bet that the third card you receive will fall in rank between the first two cards. Cards are ranked as they are in poker, and the Ace is always high.

Casino War System- Casino War is a great game when it comes to speed and winning odds - player's winning odds almost match the odds of the casino. The trouble is, if you're playing Casino War with the regular 1:1 high-card bet you're likely to die of boredom. So how do we make things a little more interesting?

Rules of Casino War- War is one of the easiest Casino games around, not very different from the game you used to play as a kid. As you remember you and your friend drew cards from the deck, and the one holding the higher card won the other one's card. If you both pulled cards of equal value you would go to "war": each drawing three cards that were kept covered, then drawing and opening the fourth card that determined the winner. That's all there was to it.

Roulette Dictionary- A glossary of Roulette terms betting options, and odds.

Craps Dictionary- A Glossary of Craps terms, throws, and betting options.

Blackjack Dictionary- A glossary of Blackjack terms and game options.

Craps Strategy- Great Craps strategy - simple, safe and smart.

Craps Rules Part 2- Really gambling on Craps - risky bets, bad odds, lots of excitement!

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