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Rules of Casino War

Online Casino : Rules of Casino War
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War is one of the easiest Casino games around, not very different from the game you used to play as a kid. As you remember you and your friend drew cards from the deck, and the one holding the higher card won the other one's card. If you both pulled cards of equal value you would go to "war": each drawing three cards that were kept covered, then drawing and opening the fourth card that determined the winner. That's all there was to it.

As a kid playing with your friend all you could have hope to win were extra cards. But Casino War is played against the dealer and you can win real cash. Hey, isn't that the whole point of being an adult?

The cards are ranked as in Poker, except that the Ace is always high, and never ranked as 1. So the card rank is 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q,K, A.

Here are the basics of Casino War:

*You start by placing a bet. *The dealer deals 2 cards, one card for you and one card for the dealer.

Now you and dealer compare cards: *If the dealer's card is higher than yours, you loose your bet - Take it easy and go on to the next round. *If your card is higher than the dealer's, you win 1:1 ? Pat yourself on the shoulder and go on to the next round.

If your cards are equal, then you have 2 options: * Surrender and loose half the bet (note that in several casinos a forfeit may cost you the entire bet) ? Swallow your pride and go on to next round. * Get yourself some backup, because you, my friend, are going to war!

As every tax-payer knows every war has it costs, so if you are going to war you have to place another bet, equal to the first one.

Now the dealer burns 3 cards and opens 2 more cards a card for you and a card for him. Again you compare cards:

*If your card is higher you win 1:1 on the second bet while the first bet remains for the next round. Well done, buddy. *If the dealer's card is higher you loose both bets. Hey if you don't like it, you can always switch to the other kind of war, the one involving kicking.

*Many online casinos let you place a side bet on the possibility of a tie: If you were right you win 10:1. Now that's not bad at all, and much more exciting than constant 1:1 bets.

There you have it, now make love not war?

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