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Affiliates Fight because They’re Right

Casino Affiliate : Affiliates Fight because They’re Right
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As an affiliate I find myself time and again facing affiliate managers who accuse me, not unlike my third grade teacher, of not trying hard enough. But I know that their data is anything but true (see Do Casinos Rip Off Their Affiliates), for two reasons:

1) If the affiliate rep for whom I supposedly make only a few hundreds a month bothers to contact me every other week, I'm probably worth more than they would like me to know.

2) Although the affiliate manager floods me with tons of misinformation, the gambling webmaster forums show that with time all affiliates reach the same conclusion.

How can you be sure the casino isn't swindling you?
Why, the statistics of course!
We have our precious stats, it works perfectly, and abides by several rules that can't be bent.

Here are the rules, but first a word of caution-

The primary assumption is that the media you're buying is real, and it isn't robots who click on your links. Also that it's not some cheap traffic like pop ups in sex sites or referrals from expired domains.

1) In banner ads you'll always get 0.3% entries in ratio per exposures. That means that in a campaign of 100,000 exposures you will get a max of 300 entries (if the campaign is focused in a content site it will increase to 0.5%, and you can do your own math) So when you're paying $2000 a month per 100,000 exposures you are paying about $7 per click. Rotten deal, if you ask me…

2) For every 150 entries you will get 10 registrations, and one player maximum.

3) If you get focused traffic from search engines (not ppc based) you are much better off, and in fact can't stop smiling…

This is the truth about statistics and you can't help it.

A rep for a despicable affiliate company once told me "I don't know where sent your 1000 clicks from, but apparently not from a good place" - that was after I got 3 downloads and no real players. Oh, and most of my referrals were players who specifically searched this casino.

When something like this happens you know it's your cue to dump the company. Any company!

I'm really sorry for keeping on bitching about this, but it seems that nowadays the casino's no.1 mission is to squeeze their affiliates and dramatically decrease their income. That's why it's important to keep on talking about this, to save our business!


Money Master

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