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7 Card Stud

Online Poker : 7 Card Stud
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The object of 7 Card Stud is to create the strongest 5-card poker hand out of 7 cards - 3 of then concealed and 4 visible to other players. 7 Card Stud is played in 5 betting rounds.

Before the cards are dealt all players place an ante ? a small bet to put money in the pot.

Dealing the Cards
The Dealer deals the cards clockwise starting with player on Dealer's left. Each player is dealt two 'pocket' or 'hole' cards that only he or she can see, and a third card visible to all other players that's called 'door'.

Placing First Bet
The player holding the lowest door (third card) opens the betting by placing a bet called 'bring-in' or 'forced' that may equal either half the minimum bet or a full bet. If this player doesn't bet, the player must fold.
[If two or more players hold equal low cards the betting order is set according to suit in alphabetical order: Club, Diamond, Heart, and Spade]

Third Street
Starting with the player sitting left to the player with the lowest door, the rest of the players, in clockwise order, can:
Call - match the bet that was made
Raise - increase the amount wagered
or Fold - drop out

In Limit games bets and raises are set according to the low betting limit.

Fourth Street
At the 4th street each active player receives a fourth card visible to other players. So each player is holding two concealed cards and two open cards.
For this street on the betting starts with the player holding the strongest combination of open cards. This player can Check or Bet (at the low limit in Limit games).

In case the strongest 2 open cards make a pair, this player can Bet the high limit, and all Raises and Calls will be set accordingly.

[If two players hold equally strong hands the player closer to the Dealer's left will be the first to bet]

Fifth Street
A fifth card is dealt to each player, face up. The player with the strongest 3 open cards starts the betting. In Limit games bets and raises are set at the high limit.

Sixth Street
Players are dealt the sixth card, face up. So each player is holding 2 concealed cards and 4 open cards.
The player with the strongest combination 4 open cards starts the betting round.

Seventh and Final Street ? The River
Each player is dealt the seventh and last card face down, called 'the river'.
Each player is holding 4 open cards plus 3 face down cards. The player who started the previous betting round starts another, final, betting round.

When the betting is complete the player who opened it is the first to reveal his or her pocket cards. Hands are compared and the player holding the best 5 card hand wins.

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