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5 Card Stud

Online Poker : 5 Card Stud
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In 5 Card Stud each player is dealt with 1 concealed card and 4 open cards. The game is played in 4 betting rounds and the object is to create the strongest poker 5-card hand. The procedure of play of rules of Five Card Stud are very similar to those of Seven Card Stud.

Players must place an ante before the cards are dealt to put money in the pot. Ante is set according to table limit.

First Cards
The Dealer deals each player 2 cards: one card face down and one card open.

Placing First Bets
The player holding the lowest open card starts the betting by placing a 'forced' bet (also called 'bring-in') that may equal either half the low limit or the low limit.

[If two or more players hold equal low cards the betting order is set by suit in alphabetical order: Club, Diamond, Heart, and Spade]

The betting continues clockwise and players can
Call - match the bet that was made
Raise - increase the amount wagered
or Fold - drop out.

One bet and three raises are allowed per round.
In Limit games bets and raises are set according to the low betting limit.

Third Street
Each player gets a third card face up. The player with the strongest 2 open cards starts the second betting round.
In Limit games - bets and raises are set to low limit.

It is generally advised to fold at this stage if your first 3 cards don't contain a pair or better.

Fourth Street
At the 4th street each player is dealt a fourth card face up. The player with the strongest open cards starts the third betting round (with high limit bets in Limit games).

Fifth Street
The fifth and last card is dealt to each player, face up. The player with the strongest open cards starts the final betting round. In Limit games bets and raises are set at the high limit.

When the last betting round is complete the player who opened it is the first to reveal his or her concealed card. Hands are compared and the player holding the best 5 card hand wins.

Fixed Limit - Limits determine the amounts of the Ante, the forced bets and all bets and raises. Limits are specified as such: $2/$4 or $10/$20 for example, when the low number marks the minimum limit and the high number marks the maximum limit.
Pot Limit– Players can wager only on the sum of the pot.
No Limit– there are no limits on bets, and any player can bet on all of his or her chips at any time.

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