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3 Card Poker

Online Casino : 3 Card Poker
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3 Card Poker is played with a 3-card hand. You can play two separate games by placing two different bets – a PairPlus bet and an Ante and Play bet. You can play for both bets or just one of them, and you can place different wagers in each game.

Both games are based on Poker hands ranking except that it's harder to get a straight than a flush. So the hands rank is: Straight flush, Three of a kind, Straight, Flush, Pair, and High Card.

PairPlus is very simple: the dealer deals you three open cards and you get paid or lose according to the value of the hand and the payout table. You can't replace cards or raise your bet. Note that dealer also deals 3 cards for himself, but they are irrelevant to this game.
To bet on PairPlus, place your bet on the Pair Plus spot on the table.

Ante and Play Bet
First you place your Ante bet on the Ante spot on the table.
The dealer deals you 3 open cards, and for himself 3 cards facing down. Now you can decide whether to raise or to fold, based on your hand.

Three Card Poker

- When you fold you lose your Ante bet, and the round is over.
- When you raise, you are placing another bet, equal to the Ante bet, on the Play spot.

In case you decided to raise, now the dealer opens his cards and you compare hands. The dealer must have at least a Queen or a higher card to qualify.

- If the dealer doesn't qualify: you win the Ante bet 1:1, and the Play bet is a push.
- If the dealer qualifies and has a better hand: you lose both bets.
- If the dealer qualifies but you have a better hand: you win both bets.
- If the dealer qualifies but both hands match: both bets are a push.

The Ante and Play bet also has a bonus that doesn't depend on the dealer's hand, when you get a Straight flush, Three of a kind, or a Straight.

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